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Data lives on our servers and the system provides enhanced features such as map editing and configuration, built-in custom tuning with tuners in our Tuner Directory without depending on emailing CSV files and map files back and forth.

Tuners and end users can enjoy a high level of efficiency when custom tuning either on a local dyno or working with each other remotely. OBD Agent hardware device can be used on multiple cars. There may be cases where the vehicle manufacturer releases a software update and changes the way unlocking the DME through OBD. The system will check support at the time of software license activation and our Tech Support team will advise if any special steps are needed at that time.

You can get in touch with any of our authorized dealers listed on our website and get bootmod3 installed. NOTE: Prior appointment scheduling is required.

Betfair problems

You can choose any of the OTS Maps available. You can view them on product pages on our website but results evolve and get better over time as well constantly.

Many results on our instagram account protuningfreaks but here are just some examples that have been posted in the past.

Many are and have been added to our Instagram and Facebook accounts over time since:.

Full E85 maps are custom and can be done with any of the tuners listed in our tuner directory. Using the bootmod3 mobile app and agent running in the car while connected to the bootmod3 servers cloud. Agent that runs on a laptop or hardware WIFI device is only required to be used if using the bootmod3 app features. Otherwise, no need for anything to be plugged into the OBD port.

JB4 is a piggyback device. It is a boost controller with ability to run a methanol pump or secondary fuel injectors. TorqByte is another alternative as a meth controller, much more advanced and with finer control from the tuning point of view.

bootmod3 customer service

YouTube is a great source of videos on bootmod3 including customer and tuner reviews. As with any aftermarket hardware modification on the car or any tuning, there is a chance the dealer may refuse or void the drivetrain portion of your warranty. Having re-sale value is a great advantage to choosing bootmod3 for your tuning which is NOT available with any other flash tune.

For instructions on this click here: bootmod3 License transfer. Space shortcuts.

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