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Ad leones

Bibcode : ApJ S2CID General Catalogue of Variable Stars 3rd ed. Bibcode : GCVS3. University of Toronto: International Astronomical Union. Bibcode : IAUS Retrieved 22 November Georgia State University. Retrieved 25 September February December Astrophysical Journal. April May Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Bibcode : PASP September June August Astronomical Journal. Bibcode : AJ The Astronomical Journal.

Bibcode : RMxAA. A5 : Eri Groombridge GJ LP DEN WISE Italic are systems without known trigonometric parallax. Stars of Leo. Gliese Gliese Gliese GJ Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Use dmy dates from July Namespaces Article Talk. They linger now about me but to catch. And to throw back the dawn in radiance.

Like to the rainbow glory round the throne. O world, poor world, that didst not know thy Lord. Nor know the love that brought Him down to thee. Abased and emptied of the form of God!

That didst misdeem the lowliness of grace. Which, saving others, could not save itself! The Cross of shame, the Cross thou gavest Him.

Thou knewest not must be transformed when He. The Holy One, hung on it; knewest not. That death with all things else must own the One.

Whom only man rejected,-that His death. Was but thy sentence, and His cross thy cross. The only glory and the only joy. Amid thy shadows is the lonely path. Of One who had not where to lay His head. Of One who has ennobled poverty.

Come to be with us, come not to be served. But in the blest necessity of love. To serve even unto death, to serve forever.

And link us with Himself in blessedness. The fruit of His own solitary toil.

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O Son of God, yet Son of man forever! Thy tree of life is in these dark death-waters. And Marah is not Marah! Yes, we, poor shrinking tremblers, we can drink.

Of any cup Thy lips have pressed, and whence. Thou hast drained all the bitterness. Death is gone. Behind me in thy Cross; sin gone, wrath gone. There is no wrath for me and no forsaking.

Those arms that shut out trouble evermore. And shut me in to rest and joy and peace.